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Vote for Us!

Hey guys.

I just wanted to give everyone a teensy reminder that voting for our server on voting sites helps enormously. It's how most people find servers to play on.

Vote Sites (no account required- Fast & Easy):





Minecraft Multiplayer

Vote Sites (account required):

Minecraft Server List (MCSL)

Forums (post a comment/review):

Minecraft Forums


Some of the sites are vote-only, and some are comment-only, and some allow both. I can usually get my daily votes done in less than three minutes. Most places don't require an account to do anything, but a few of the sites do (specifically the forums).

On sites that allow comments, it's fine to just leave a comment once and then skip those sites after that. Try not to spam multiple comments! Comments are helpful, since it's nice to see someone actually give an opinion on the server and not just a bunch of votes and an uptime number. Maybe try talking about what your favorite part of the server is?

This helps a lot. We may even set up Votifier at some point to get people who vote some rewards.

Thanks guys. We really appreciate it.

If you have other locations for us to advertise, please post it in this forum. Thanks!

Jan 26, 2013
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