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חג שמח

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by 09jnewington, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. חג שמח
    and a merry christmas!
    I made the chanukiah from scratch, but just helped with the christmas tree

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  2. What language is that title in, and how did you do that?

    In other news, Christmas is scheduled to come in twenty days. Please stand by.
  3. The title is in hebrew, nice one!

    חג שמח means Happy Holiday/Festival

    There is just one flaw, where are the presents?
  4. where are the presents?

    I haz eatied demz

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  5. "bring me Solo and the wookie; they will pay for this outrage."
  6. Wow, you cat has got fat...
  7. and changed colour^^
  8. And you got a new bed!
  9. Wat, is it just me or is that cat's intestine poking out?
  10. It's his last leg, Gili...
  11. It can't be, too high up.
  12. how has this forum turned to feline anatomy?

    anyway, its his wing
  13. The cat has wings?
  14. It must've drank a Red Bull.
  15. or aeroplane fuel
  16. It's spelled, "airplane".
  17. Not in British English.
  18. But I'm not British.
  19. American English: Airplane

    British English: Aeroplane

    Can 09jnewington and myself be allowed to use our version of English without being questioned on our spelling! If anything we don't ask Americans why they spell through, thru(as in I'm going through/thru the hole). It makes no sence! Please leave us and our grammar be!
  20. You misspelled sense.

    And I personally have never spelled through incorrectly.

    And no, you aren't allowed to misspell simple English words. I will not have it! :)