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1,000 posts!

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by auhjos, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I have reset everyone's 'score' (When I say 10 points too...) and have started a new competition! Gain the most Auhjos points and win 1,000 Talents when we move back to Era v2. Whoever has the most gold stars wins a nifty 1,500 Talents ;)

    Score board:
    1. Supercrossed: 20p + 1gs
    2. 09jnewington 10p + 1gs

    (The points and stars ALWAYS go to the ones who say it correctly first just so I don't receive posts 2 weeks late -_-)
  2. It is from the Hunger Games, Effie said it.
  3. Congratulations to Supercrossed with the correct answer.
    10 points and a gold star have been added to the score board. Next question will be posted randomly so stay active ;)
  4. Wow, if i hadn't been at my baseball game i would have had that one :evil:
  5. Thats not a fair question seeing as it wasnt made up by effie and shes not even the first person we see say it. Katniss/gale say it mockingly earlier in the book/movie and it is also later said by president snow.
  6. Effie said it earlier in the book. I'm going by that.

    The odds here were not in your favor :p Just down to luck really...
  7. By command of Shnaffle, please close this thread as:

    Sorry :oops:
  8. ok that was a bit harsh... My personal opinion is that you dont need a thread to announce that you post a lot, and you don't need to post things unless they are really adding to... something. haha. For example, if your working on a map and want to share thats great you can tell us, and then if you make huge changes you could say that too. For example your electricity post was really interesting. But saying "I added 10 blocks to the runway" or something isn't really interesting or useful information.

    However if you want to have your own competition in offtopic for an in-game prize, i think thats perfectly acceptable and is fun and interesting. (to a degree :p )
    So I think-
    keep the competition, its fun
    and in future, just think about if what you are about to post is really... relevant, useful, or interesting in some way. Don't just go willy-nilly posting whatever you want. This isn't twitter :p

    With love,

  9. Thanks Ron :)
    Pythros/Everdras, please change the title of this thread to: Auhjos' Competition or something...

    On that note, next question:

    How much would it cost to build a real life death star?
  10. $852,000,000,000,000,000
  11. Supercrossed wins again! To win, be active. Super is active and so Super wins :p

    Next question will be posted tomorrow...
  12. What I mean when I posted that was stay ontopic to the Topic and add content to your posts. When I said noone cares I meant anyone reading the creative stuff posts. This is a post about posting. Not too sure of the point but its offtopic so who cares. Kinda hard to go offtopic in offtopic.
  13. Let me put it this way: I'll stay ontopic in projects, do whatever I do usually in offtopic and I'll let out a small w00t on my 1,000th post :p
  14. How much does the internet weigh? 10 points
    Where did I find this information (Guess it) 1 Gold Star
  15. Congratulations 09jnewington! You win 10 points and a gold star.
    Next question will be posted tomorrow.
  16. 1,000th post :D
    I will remember this moment forever <3
  17. Auhjos won the internet.
  18. I've just realised, about 1 in every 6 posts are from me 0_o
    Awesome :cool:
  19. the other 5 are me :twisted: :lol: