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Discussion in 'General' started by J_Man172, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. when is the server updating to 1.2 cause i accidentally updated while having troubles with mods...?
  2. That information can be found at the Minecraft Updates thread in the Server Announcements forum.

    You can try to downgrade from getting the jar somewhere, but I forget the place.
  3. thx was trying to mod which i suck at and got black screens and had to completely uninstall then reinstall which auto updated it to 1.2(btw did u see my npc fun post?)
  4. It's always best practice to backup your jar file before doing anything with it ;)
  5. Don't think i'll be downgrading untill my house is brung over, them cats are awesome :3
  6. Who votes for a sever-wide project to build a 186 block high skyscraper? (After 1.2)
  7. Uoure full of voting for new massive server projects... What happened to your Hogwarts plans? o_O
  8. Not enough people signed... I'd set the limit for this as 5. So far I'm in so 4 more to go!
  9. thought the new limit was 256?
  10. i did back it up but the program had a brain fart
  11. Yes but hes not building from bedrock :p
  12. I'm planning to build from about layer 70.
  13. this would work great(if i wasnt bombarded by pop-ups)
  14. In the corner of those there should be a little red cross. Try clicking it.
  15. i did but they stall my internet for 5 min a piece(not an exageration)
  16. Or get Chrome with AdBlock <3
  17. i have chrome how do i use adblock?

  18. Sorry I was being sarcastic :p yeah just google "chrome adblock plugin". Then it should be a step by step sorta thing.
  19. ok adblock is up time to try again