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Discussion in 'General' started by J_Man172, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. ok so i got the .jar from windmill and now when i launch mc it freezes at "done loading"
    any tips?
  2. it won't work it always freezes at "done loading" in the launcher.I NEED HELP!!!!
  3. i want to get on but I'm having major technical difficulties...!!!!HELP!!!!!!
    (Sorry for so many posts it may seem like spamming but im desparate)
  4. wow guys way to go off topic*gives sarcastic thumbs up*
  5. Did you rename it "minecraft.jar"?
  6. is it required that i do that?
  7. Well yeah...
  8. ok thx for the help i got it fixed(that was a legal why to downgrade right?)
  9. ok got it all fixed and i am now succefully moding
  10. You mean was it illegal to downgrade like that?

    Potentially you could use it to get an illegal copy of the game, but as long as you own the game you're fine. Plus it would be difficult anyway :p