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A History of Xylochos

Discussion in 'General' started by Embernight, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Yeah. I know the server is pretty much dead, but I found this story on my computer that I wrote back when the world Xylochos was around.

    I'm pretty sure there was some sort of competition that was going to happen in creating a history and town names for the world, but it never happened. For those of you who weren't around during this time, or forgot what Xylochos was, it was a world filled with primarily rainforest biomes and the most amazing cave systems ever. I loved that map. If Chi-Rho ever is revived, I would love to see it come back. Anyway, back to the competition that never happened. Well, I was prepared and had a history written out, and I kinda feel bad that it was all in vain. And, well, I guess that's about it. Yep.

    The History:

    Many years ago, a group of jungle islands were discovered, and news was spread to the mainland of its rich abundance in resources. On hearing this, the island was further explored and named Xylochos, after it’s plentiful forests. Seeing these forests as an opportunity to make money, some people set out to collect wood and sell it to the mainland. A warehouse was made to store and treat the lumber before shipping, and a dock was made for merchant ships.

    As the wood business grew, more people were attracted to the islands to seek out other resources to use and sell. Buildings were made to house workers. More Businesses were opened up selling coal, gold, emeralds, cocoa, and fish.

    During the third exploration that would lead deeper into the islands, a group of tribal villagers were found. The villagers, infuriated by the trespasses of the people of Era, began to fight with the explorers and pioneers. After making a retreat back to Xylocia, it was decided that in order to further map out and conquer the land that a fort would be needed to be set up.

    Located on a high cliff near the northern part of Xylochos, a fortress was set up to prevent attacks from the native habitants. After several years of fighting, the tribe ceased most of their attacks and drew back deeper into the woods. Thus, with less fighting, the fortress began to welcome travelers and pioneers to settle within its walls. The settlement became known as Scopelus.

    Scopelus was difficult to get to: ships would have to anchor a ways from the cliff and send out boats around the cliff to lower areas of land wear it was possible to climb. After reaching these areas, people would have to work their way up the steep paths, which were constantly in need of clearing, as the jungle quickly grew. Seeing this as an obstacle in the settlements growth, air docks were made as a new way of transportation for people to visit or settle.

    As Scopelus grew, it became necessary to take down the walls to let the village expand. The tribe had disappeared for many years now, and most villagers no longer feared attacks from the tribes. One tower remained near the docks as a monument for the town’s history.

    During this time, heavy rain came. The monsoons poured down water upon the two towns wrecking devastation. In Xylocia, a tree fell upon the main warehouse and broke apart the docks. In Scopelus, a small mudslide caused the northwest crops to be washed into the sea. During the clean up of both towns, an earthquake occurred causing a crack through the middle of Xylocia to form. The crack continued to grow with small earthquakes, and Xylocia was deemed uninhabitable.

    Xylocia was relocate across the river and was named Pardalis, after the native species of Ocelot that were frequently found there.

    In Scopelus, it was found that agriculture loosened the earth, causing mudslides to be more frequent. Farming became very restricted in Scopelus. During these times of reparations, travel to Xylochos was halted for several years.

    SS Baukalion and AS Aerophoitos start to be built in Era as the new main form of transport to the two towns in Xylochos when the islands are reopened to habitants of Era.

    A Mudslide in Scopelus occurs a few days before the reopening of the islands. The damage causes the reopening day to be postponed for a few days.

    Pardalis along with the SS Baukalion and AS Aerophoitos are finished. Pardalis has become a larger shipping town and now sells cats, dogs, and horse supplies. The Islands of Xylochos have been mapped out. No signs of the tribe were found.

    The damage in Scopelus is assessed and barricades are made to further secure the town. Despite the recent damage in Scopelus, both towns are opened to the habitants of Era to adventure.