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A serious greifing?

Discussion in 'General' started by 09jnewington, May 2, 2012.

  1. Firstly I wasn't too sure where to post this, please move if you feel this is out of place

    I was adressed by Smallsemple, about his, ommanyep, and goodwinthal's house, he showed me how it had been torn down except for the protected items, including trapdoors, this looked like a serious greif, even with a sign telling them that the house had been torn down because it 'did not comply' with server housing standards, and signed by the ChiRho staff, this sounds unbelievably fake and against what chirho would ever do. but I still needed to double check that these nice folks house was not just simply desroyed for we didnt like it.

    POI: the sign (pictured) is protected with the region name: 'signage'
    POI: their house was not protected

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  2. Well, I'm no expert but the sign saying "Your worst nightmare" is pretty conclusive that it WAS a greifing. Prepare yourselves gentlemen, /modreq is going to be very full...
  3. Oh dear.. I was informed of a few other griefs on unprotected houses. IMO we could maybe get a few more explanatory signs in the tree or simply at the spawn point by the fountain so newbies know how to be safe. And this is a pretty conclusive grief as A. Im not expert but the sign Youre worst nightmare is NOT what staff would do nor rip a house down even without consulting the owner.
  4. Right, first off, i know who this was if you want to own up and explain your reasons VERY carefully.
    Secondly, i've fixed the damage, if there are any other griefs mail me.
  5. can we throw eggs at the griefer? :D
  6. We'll see.
  7. I know who the griefer was too. I SPECIFICALLY told him that the house was FINE! He was already warned not to do this.
  8. First off i would like to say i had permission and help from a mod to take it down because A:it was an illegal structure and B: me and 2 mods agreed it was very unappealing. I will now state why it was illegal, it contained 4 residents which makes it an illegal town/structure i was not the "offical" demo expert i was just a helper helping out some staff.That is why it was removed.(Annndddd its very unrealistic on a semi realism server...)
  9. and i forgot to say why i put your worst nightmare....it was just a joke.
  10. it contained 4 residents which makes it an illegal town/structure
    Ok I'm quoting this but I don't know how to make it an actual quote
    it was me who counted the names but i guess i counted wrong sorry that part was my fault but i was told by a server moderator who can and if need be (hopefully) will vouch for me.It was natnat I'm not trying to get him in trouble but that was the mod who said we could remove it.I didnt know that we had to give the residents 2-3 weeks to fix the unappealingness and to amke it more realistic until it was removed. Again I'm sorry to those who were griefed by me.
  11. ummmmmmmmm.... sounds sketchy to me
  12. Forgetting scetchy and the deed, shouldn't this be in ban appeals and you explaining how/what happened to the mods?
  13. Those arent the appeal its in appeals