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Adios ( I mean it this time :P)

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by supercrushed, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I would just like to let anyone know that I won't be playing Minecraft anymore :)O). Part of the reason is I just don't find it fun anymore, building or survival. Once again, I would like to say thank you to anyone I have meet along they way, and Pythros, you probably have the best Minecraft server around :D. I'll still post a bit on the forums, mainly under the other games section, but not much. Thank you to everyone I have met on xp-e; you're all amazing people and you have made a lasting impression on me, goodbye :'(.

    (Salutes everyone) goodbye,
  2. Dang, bye I guess, cya'round. :p you are awesome :)
  3. I feel like you actually mean it this time :evil:
    Thanks for all the fun times!
    Gonna miss seeing you around :cry:
  4. S-s-s... Super! :(

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  5. I'll miss you guys too :(, and thanks for the complement shnaff. I've always envied you're building skills, so I guess that makes you slightly more awesome than me :'(.
  6. Bye Super, You're a great bloke. Good luck with whatever you do in the future.
  7. Super i guess goodbye you where really great guy and i miss having you around i hope you have a great life and maybe check on the server in a few months see ya mate :cry:
  8. Thanks steve and gj, you're both great people. And I might stop by one day gj, but not for a while. :)
  9. Anyone what to help me a for memorial for Super when the main server's back up?

  10. Yeah i will help with that
  11. ME!!!!!!!!!
  12. Great, I'll get some SP planning done.
  13. So long, mate. Don't be a stranger ;)
  14. Aw, thanks auh,gj, and erai :). And I'll try not to be pyth ;).
  15. really auhjos?? Darth Vader is so last year... pish. but really i laugh at these sad posts because of you...
  16. It was a small joke. This might reset the mood back to sad:

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