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Anyone know a solution?

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Shnaffle, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Basically I got a new laptop and BOWM Minecraft no worky D:
    The amount of memory its using just peeks and stays at that peek, instead of going back down. :( I play at about 200-300 fps before about 5 minutes into the game when I get every 3-4 seconds and burst of 0 fps before the game crashes. Skyrim and other games play fine with no problems. Its just Minecraft and when it does crash no error message comes up it just stops. Please if anyone has any solution, do tell :) I cant come on the server until then :'( Thanks Shnaffle.
  2. This happened to me too. All I did was set the render distance to Normal instead of far, worked like a charm.
  3. Download the newest java? I think its java 7, maybe that could help.
  4. On newest java and it does it on all settings. Til this is fixed I cant come online or play minecraft lol. Im presuming theres a setting somewhere thats sort ofincompatible. Derpy noob I am.
  5. Good news :D It works now, seems that the computer wasnt using the NVIDIA 3gb graphics card but the built in one thats in the processor. Although it was for skyrim. (No idea why) Anyways Im back!
    Not that i ever really went. Derp