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April Fools

Discussion in 'General' started by J_Man172, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Ok so today i had an April fools joke polled on me by someone who will not be named and it was kindve cruel so im just saying this if u do pull these jokes dont make them cruel.just be nice and have fun plz
  2. I don't think the person who pulled the joke on you meant to be cruel. All in all it is a joke, there should be no need to be mad over something fake.
  3. Lol, i told my sister that glee was canceled, and she believed me! XD
  4. Nice one! I was at my baseball game and I called my mom and told her I broke my foot.
  6. *Guilty face :3* It was just a joke...
  7. I think he means me shnaff. :p
  8. Super everyone knows it was you....
  9. What exactly did I do? I made sure not to cross the line... Honestly, if it's a joke it's NOT a big deal. Once you know it was joke there is no need to post a thread about it.