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Are we getting XP/Enchanting ever?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ron_burgendy, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Title says it... we moved to a 1.2 map, been on 1.2 for a while now, and still dont have enchanting...
    I'm just curious as to why we don't and if we will get it soon.
    I looked around the forums and only saw it mentioned once in december and you (Pythros) didn't really say why we don't have it...

    Thanks, Ron
  2. If I remember correctly it was turned off because it created more lag. I do hope it is turned on sometime.
  3. I do as well. Mob hunting would finally be of use ;)
  4. Mob Hunting Is Always Of Use When You Need Dog Food
  5. While this being true it is insignificant next to enchanting :D
  6. If only there was a different way to get experience since the orbs cause lag.
  7. maybe we could buy experience from a shop system :p
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  9. Auhjos likes this but still want mobs to drop XP
  10. It would be bliddy awesome if we could sell xp too :O that would provide an alternative liing to mining and investing.
  11. *however you do the color thing*JMAN LIKES THIS!
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  13. Shall i move this to suggestions, or does someone want to post there with a summary- maybe a poll?
  14. I went ahead and started a suggestion topic since i was the one that found the plugin :D
  15. Mob hunting has a use anyway cause zombies now drops items.