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Broken MineCraft

Discussion in 'General' started by J_Man172, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. My Minecraft is broken so i can't connect to servers anymore DDDDDDDDDD: so unless i can fix this i wont be able to get on anything DDDDDDDDDDD:
  2. Try just reinstalling minecraft, it worked for MadCoconutMan.
  3. Any specific problems? If you give us details we might be able to help you.
  4. You do realise that adding extra "D"s to the unhappy face doesn't make it look more unhappy, just less like a face? but meh

    anyway, good luck fixing it, try deleting all files associated to minecraft (back up your saves first obviously) and reinstalling.
  5. Well when i go onto the servers page it takes forever to connect and when i check ny ping its 15k+ but only on 1.3 1.2.5 is fine
  6. wipe your .minecraft and backup your server.dat and re install
  7. You think I haven't already tried that?

    Edit: Thanks for fixing it gili :D
  8. People are trying to help you, you don't need to say things like that.
  9. I'm sorry Jman next time your minecraft brakes i won't try to help you fix it........
  10. What is the address you are trying to connect to?
  11. Well its every server I can't connect to any vanilla servers, i can connect to tekkit servers just fine but vanilla is broken for me even if i try to connect through my tekkit i can't see them, but its ONLY vanilla.
  12. Do you normally use a vanilla jar and I mean 100% no mods, maps or any changes what-so-ever? And have you tried not only re-installing the .jar but the entire minecraft folder?
  13. Umm... have you tried with a fresh vanilla jar, as in, not installing any mods and then trying to connect? It sounds like it would be your mods that are causing the problem. I just checked Tekkit/Technic's pack site and I noticed that they don't even have it updated for 1.3.x. That could be your problem.
  14. Well I use the launcher so it shouldn't affect it, but it still could. I tried Deleting my entire .minecraft along with all of its contents other than my texture packs(i memorize ip's so losing those aren't a big deal)
    I don't have any 1.3.2 mods yet so that couldn't be it the only thing that confuses me is that i can only connect to 1.2.5 tekkit servers... It's so stupid i really want to get back on the server :(
  15. breaks* and sorry I'm just a bit stressed with school starting and trying to constantly fix things on my computer and having to do ridiculous things around the house that i put off for a week and a half...the list goes on and on

  16. Bingo! Because you are using 1.2.5! Don't use the Tekkit launcher! Use Minecraft launcher! Tekkit doesn't support 1.3.x. You can't connect to servers with a different version than your client version.
  17. I don't use the tekkit launcher when I want onto vanilla though I just tested it, I can't connect through anything. When I go to my servers page its says "cannot resolve host name" or "no connection" it's not that i can't just log in i can't even see that the servers are online other than tekkit.