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Bronzebrg's Post of Extreeme Joy

Discussion in 'General' started by bronzebrg, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Guess what guys?? I'm back!! :) I missed all of you guys and this awesome server. I've been stuck studying for finals! Luckily, I'm back to stay. I look forward to spending more time on this server and with all of you. I will be on and off a bit seeing as how it's summer and I have family vacations. Haha. I definitely missed you guys :).
  2. Well, glad to see you away from those Buxs :p.
  3. Bronze :D
    We need to catch up man...
  4. Welcome back bronze ! :D
  5. Hey Bronze, welcome back (even though I don't play on the server anymore :p)
  6. @super: -_-

    @Auhjos: definitely!! Get in so we can talk. Haha

    @Aaron: Why don't you play anymore man??

    And it wasnt just bc of those stupid buxies. I had finals haha. So glad to be back. :)
  7. Being grounded for so long, not really into Minecraft as much, lack of access to a computer that can run it decently…

    However, I do stay up to date on the forums and make the occasional post still.