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Build Competition!

Discussion in 'General' started by Shnaffle, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Im thinking of starting a Building Competetion that me and sonicsteve will host and judge. There will be a theme given once a month (like medevil or modern) and you build something in that style. There will be an enterance fee of 100 talents per build that will go to the winner. ( me and steve will take a 0% share of this) Just an idea to spark more creativity within this server. If theres enough interest we'll go ahead.
  2. Re: Build Competeition.

    I approve this.
  3. Re: Build Competeition.

    And I like the idea. I might even enter one day!
  4. Re: Build Competeition.

    I am most certainly entering more than once
  5. Re: Build Competeition.

    Sounds fun! I'll try my hand at this once the casino is done^^
  6. Build Competeition.

    Me and Sonicsteve are starting a build competition. Starting this month and we'll judge at the end of November.

    If you wish to enter please reply here with the coordinates of the build and who it was made by.

    It will cost 50 talents to enter with all proceeds going to the winner.

    You will of course get to keep your building.

    1. Must be built for the competition you cant enter an existing building as this will give an unfair advantage.

    2. Be creative.

    This months theme is Tree Houses. So be creative and good luck!
  7. Re: Build Competeition.

    ill do the building competeition and build a tree house
  8. Re: Build Competeition.

    i have paid, it is located here

    X: -14.571
    Y: 64.620
    Z: -1846.1
  9. Re: Build Competeition.

    Any demetions or can it be huge?
  10. Re: Build Competeition.

    you mean dimentions?
  11. Re: Build Competeition.

    No limits to dimentions. It just has to be a tree house. although we are not just looking for size we are looking for creativity. So remember style can win over size. :D
  12. Re: Build Competeition.

    Just wanting to know If its possible to get a broadcast for this build competition. Something along the lines of;

    Build competition has started. 50 talents to enter, winner takes all proceeds. This months theme is to build a treehouse. To be judged at the end of November. For details and registration check the forum.

    Thank you.
  13. Re: Build Competeition.

    News Flash! updated.

    This isn't a suggestion thread... moving to General.
  14. Re: Build Competeition.

    I've either run, or taken part in "building" (I'll use this word loosely to represent modding/mapping/etc.) competitions. Usually there are many more rules regarding something like this and overall procedure. For example, are group entrees allowed? Does the build have to have been started during the month of november or can it have been begun before? What aspects or points will be judged? How so?

    I can offer to help with some of the organizational aspects of the competition if you'd like. As I said, I have done these before, and with real monetary prizes. ;)
  15. Re: Build Competeition.

    Until pythros moved it this was a post just to see if people actualy wanted this...

    Not sure if you saw the other build competition post in general with rules and enterances...

    So viper go check a few post down in general with the rues etc.
  16. Re: Build Competeition.

    Ah, I see, I thought it was just a duplicate :p

    Again, doesn't really say how it will be judged other than by "creativity." Same goes for multiple builders.
  17. Re: Build Competeition.

    Multiple builders is suggested in the part where it says and post who the builders are.... But for judging, creativity and simply just how good they look compared to each other or if there has been an original take on the theme like a house for trees or something making it creative then it will win but basicaly can you score art?
  18. Re: Build Competeition.

    Well, I would score on a number of things:

    • Creativity [0-5 points]
    • Theme [0-5 points]
    • Texture (block detail) [0-5 points]
    • Overall [0-10 points]
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  20. Witchcraft!

    The horrors!

    I think I will try to take a stab at this competition, actually. I'll get the money in soon.

    And the location.

    As soon as I have it.