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Build Competition!

Discussion in 'General' started by Shnaffle, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. I am defanintly going to do this seeing as I have not been on on the server because I am bored. Having something to build will keep me on, looking forward to it.
  2. Im building a tree house and I have paid Shanffle so I will post the coordinates here soon!


  3. Does it have to be funished?
  4. Finished!

    and if you want to see the old tree house if your worried this was pre-made go to
  5. I payed and entered and my tree's co-ords are:
  6. why'd ya lock your door?
  7. Ive payed shnaff
    Co-Ords are: x:290 y:84 z:432
    :D :D :D :D
  8. My treehouse is all done

    X:154 Y:64 Z:-527
  9. im building mine at x 1340 y 75 z -47
    Its almost done just a few more thing to add. and i payed shnaffle
  10. ive built mine at x=204.93 y=85.63 z=1104
    nothing fantastic i guess but i think it is really great for me cuz i can also see my other building in the distance and i chopped down everything i needed to make it hope you like it :geek:
  11. Judging has been done.

    And the winner is Will_STG for this tree house;

    We liked the naturalness of it and the design for a parasol.

    Also some other houses that are worth a mention are rmanftw's square tree with a twist. The funky branches out the side looked abstract.
    And KINGK3VON's hotel tree for grand scale being easily the biggest one entered.

    It was a great turn out but we will not host another one until we have the new map sorted out and the server has settled down again after 1.0.0.

    So well done to Will and thankyou to everyone that entered!

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  12. Well that picture failed something went very wrong if you would like to see it check out the coordinates Will entered... Sorry about that xD
  13. Not only did that picture fail, but Will has been offline for more than two weeks.
  14. Im aware of that but he updated I think...
  15. Ah. That would put the timing about right.

    Sorry I didn't make it in to the competition. I've been collecting logs and such for awhile, and actually was going to start building tomorrow, and finish building tomorrow, as it turns out. But, hey, that's what I get for waiting until the last minute! :)
  16. Oh were you? Sorry... We judged one day early because we decided noone new will enter that last minute and we had the oppurtunity to judge too. But hey have a cookie.
  17. Lol, hey, no problem. I planned on it a long time ago, got caught up in a few different things, and only remembered about a week ago.
  18. Well theres always next time. I was also thinking of maybe making the next one a christmas special - That should give enough time for the new map etc and the deadline being christmas
  19. what position did I come in?
  20. There was no like 2nd 3rd 4th thingy just a winner and some people I wanted to mention but steve like the idea behind yours of a house for a tree :D