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BuildCraft Competition!

Discussion in 'General' started by Evildeath66, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Pyth has agreed to turn Creative on for one region of the server, on the new BuildCraft course I've made. The rules are simple- a subject is chosen, and players compete (either 1v1, or a team of 2v2) to build a structure relating to the subject. Non-competeing players then vote on their favorite build(based on the build alone not the builder), and the winner(s) get thier name on the Winner's Board. If you would like to participate, be on the server @ 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time and request a teleport to the course! Good luck and Have Fun! :)

  2. 6:30 pm till when? I probably can't make it until 7:00. Maybe it should last for a day or so?
  3. A few days would also give time for planning. And the more planning, the better the builds will be. The contest is a cool idea, Evil. Can't wait for tommorow. :D
  4. Unsure. Until people get bored of it I guess. ;) Also, for clarification, chests of bricks will be set aside for use in building, not creative mode.
  5. I hope the stuff you put in there isn't to valuable. You wouldn't want someone walking away with a bunch of gold and iron blocks.
  6. Oh, that won't happen. I'll be sure of it ;)
  7. If I may say so, the Buildcraft competiton was quite a hit. Many players showed up and took part. I was asked frequently by many if it were to be happening again. I was unsure. I think it would be fun, but I know it was a lot of work for you Pyth to uphold everything. Is there a way we could maybe inplement other ways to hold these events without you having to be the core, and spend your precious time. I know we could always just stick to gathering the materials ourselves, and building without creative, but that makes the game A LOT less attractive to players, as it's more of a task than a game. There's a lot of benefits to the game as well, not just the entertainment. The players that take part and enjoy the game will tell their friends, and vote up the server. This increases the number of players, thus also increasing the amount of players who play the game, and increasing the server traffic and likeness overall. Maybe we could set up some players to run the game (I know Dark, and myself would volunteer). I hope we can get something major going with this, and thanks to everyone who came and participated and especially to Pyth for making this all possible. :D
  8. I would love to help out any way I could.
  9. Pythros, Embernight was able to get a cat from the competition. I for one think you should let her keep the cute little critter, but just in case, is it allowed? I mean it's not like she stole gold or anything. I don't see anything wrong with it, but I don't want my best friend to get in trouble. So i just wanted to know if it was ok.
  10. Evil:

    There will be an easier way for these in the future.

    piscies: It is an unfair advantage to other players for her to have it, not to mention that it was a spawned item. It will need to be killed/destroyed/removed ASAP.
  11. Fine if you really think so. I do not see how it is an advantage, but I'll let her know if you think so. She told me that Evildeath66 said it was ok, but since you are pythros I will try to let her know.
  12. It's already dead ;) Plus she must have known it was illegal as she hid it underground in a sealed off room... But it is unfair as it was spawned and other plays don't have access to an ocelot. Thus making it unfair as she would be getting special treatment. Also other mods have informed me that they told her to "destroy" the beast, which she did not do.
  13. I had told Ember to kill it at first, but a fellow moderator argued that it offered no unfair advantage, so I let her keep it. Plus it felt a little harsh to tell her to kill it. But I can see the unfair advantage.
  14. well, it doesn't matter anymore. someone killed it. and named it smoky. He was a tabby named stripes, don't know how an orange tabby relates to smoke. But if killing it was the right thing, thank you who ever did it. i dont think i could have done it myself; i love cats. ;)
  15. Also cats do offer an advantage by keeping creepers away from the player.
  16. Hmm on my texturepack it was grey, meh, I do love cats, I have one* myself. But I much prefer dogs, and it is a game. :p

    *edited by Evildeath66 (one-not on) ;)
  17. It was only hidden because after Evildeath66 told her it was legal her brother was jealous and wanted to kill it. She did not hide it because it was illegal.
  18. Anyway, Maybe there could be a giant clock to tell how long there is left so people don't need to ask for the time

    Maybe I caould help building it
  19. Coming soon again after we update.
  20. Finally getting the video edited!

    However, for some reason the audio from the game didn't get recorded o_O