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Bye All

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by gjoseph0203, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Bye everyone i'm leaving the server D: forever. I will be back in a month to see if anything can change my mind but i doubt it my heart is set on leaving. I will miss all of you! (list if some the people i will remember the most)


    I will miss everyone bye!
  2. Just bye? No reason? D=
  3. I'll miss you on the server... bye i guess (1 month and you'll be back i know it >=D)
  4. I left because i was doing nothing on the server the last 5 months i have been on the server all i was doing was looking around trying to find something to do in the end i just can't keep myself busy so i just don't need to stay i'm hoping my mind will change in a month but its not unlikely :cry:
  5. Adios amigo.
  6. I've all ready spoke to you about this but I'll say it again. Hope everything goes well for you in the future, You will be missed.
  7. Gjoseph! No! I will miss you dearly :(
    A memorial shall be arranged. Farewell... old friend :cry:
  8. Bye, maybe after 1.3 and jungles when people start to come back we can persuade you :p But bye anyway ;) You shall be missed.

  9. What WOULD keep you busy? After we finally update (pending plugins), we will have the jungle world, creative world, and the game world.
  10. Well the world is survival building i have wasted time doing nothing it is just not working for me D: i hope i will be back in while but i doubt it and on the other side i need to start going to the gym again since school is starting. i am sorry i have to leave D:

    edit: i guess pvp could change my mind :p