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Bye Bye Blacky

Discussion in 'General' started by blackypirate, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. I am going to get my own account in what should be about a week. The user "blackypirate" will be my brother after my account becomes verified and bought. My username will be NeoGalaxy_Cat. Just giving everyone a heads up. :D
  2. Um... I kinda tried to make an account for NeoGalaxy_Cat on this website, but i messed up the email. I put an aol end address when it was supposed to be a yahoo one. is there anyway that can be fixed? I can't resend to activation mail to the correct address and I can't register NeoGalaxy_Cat again.
  3. Tweet notch? otherwise i have no idea :p that's probably a stupid suggestion anyway.
  4. i love u blacky. ur my bff
  5. piscies... your begining to scare me. :|
  6. lol i know ur my bpsff
  7. okay, so i havent bought an account for NeoGalaxy yet. I will change the account to Embernight and use a different e-mail. Embernight = old blackypirate. blackypirate = my annoying, brother. Warning. he has been known to grief and spam. hopefully he wont if he joins this server. he shouldn't if i give him enough reasoning. lol.
  8. Well. The registering with Embernight worked! :D
  9. ok. i have my account now and am playing as Embernight now. :D But I also would like to know if there is a way to set more than one home. I have a house about one day journey on foot from spawn, and an island that is about two days from spawn. is there anyway I can have the beta membership that I had as blackypirate?

  10. I think pythros or gili would have to answer that.
  11. I can trade the position, blacky would be a guest again while Ember would be a beta member.
  12. ok. that sounds good. thank you.