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Can't Login to Minecraft

Discussion in 'General' started by ixincineration, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I can't seem to log on to Minecraft for some weird reason anyone else having this problem??
  2. Well I and others may be able to help if you could give more information? Like error messages or what actually happens when you try and open it? Thanks
  3. First off: Can you not log into minecraft itself, or not onto the server?
  4. I had the same trouble about half an hour ago, but it resolved its self.
  5. I logged onto the server about an hour ago now...it went fine, other than the fact that I somehow ended up in the Nether, when the last place I was was in a small village near my house...

    Odd, isn't it?
  6. MC is as fine as ever for me
  7. Still doesnt work just says Login Failed :(
  8. try pressing the 'login' button, seems to work for me
  9. Try resetting your wifi

    Probably won't work but it's worth a try^^
  10. Im also having the problem and i also can seem to look at the server map, the funny thing is i can log onto other servers just fine.
    What makes some servers harder to log into than others?
  11. when somone makes a server, like spawning a new world, there is a meter like so;

    Peacefull... Easy... Normal...Hard

    and not only does it edit the level of the game, but toggles the connection


    nah, honestly, my guess is as good as yours, but il guess its how 'strong' their wifi port is, and how far from you in the world they are

    Modedit: Wow. That was an epic typo. I almost feel sorry getting rid of it.
  12. Do you have problems looking at the wold map? If you can't look at it maby it means you have bad wifi
  13. it dosent work on some browsers, try another
  14. very odd indeed... oh yeah, sorry but im not moving the city over to the new map. its to expensive... but i will be making a new one on the new map! yay! :D
  15. Moving city to new map = 750 talents
    Starting a new city on the new map - 10,000 talents

    I think you need to check your math.
  16. Maths Fail


    Check the New World thread in suggestions