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Casino Games

Discussion in 'General' started by auhjos, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Please only post here if you are staff at the casino.

    ONLY post here the way that games work, new game ideas and tweaks to existing games.
  2. Something helpfull to keep track of the stuff we already have:

    Russian Roulette: Located on the Fifth Floor, run by 09Jnewington, not terribly deadly.
    Guess the number game: Located on the Fourth Floor, run by Hydrothermal.
    Pool/Roulette: Located on the Third Floor, currently has no practical use.
    Slots: Located on the second floor, currently has no practical use.
    Russian Roulette: To be located in the basement, run by ???, and extremely deadly. :)

    In the coming days, I will be examining the Pool table and Slot machines to see if we can't make something out of it.
  3. I'm sure there is a slot machine plug-in...
    I'll start looking^^
  4. I'd like to host a game.......
    But i don't know what game or if i will be availble
    if you need a stand in for a game
    I'll do it
    (and have normal payment winner gets 75, i get 10, auh gets 5 and Mcon gets 10 right?
    not sure...)
  5. We'll be happy to add more games, just think of them first!

    Maybe you could run the restaurant we're planning to add?

    And for payout, Mcon deals with ALL cash related affairs.
  6. I don't know any games!
    I've never been to a casino!
    Maybe i could run the resurant though....
  7. Kill lots of pigs...

    The restaurant will only be constructed after the rest is done.
  8. Cool. We could have you run the restaurant, yes. I would like that. Also, you could be trained in all the games, so that you can run them when no one else is around.
  9. pigs cows chickens.........
    Whatch out :twisted:
  10. Maybe we all should as well...
  11. Well, yes, in general, everyone employed under you and I should have a general working knowledge of the equipment used and how to run it. When more than one employee is on, the one who is stationed to "run" the game will be the one who actually works with the customers. If the "owner" of the game is not on, it's a fight to the death in our Deathring (just thought of that one, something else to add to the basement. I figure that will be our "hard core" area, where death is common. People bet on two players to fight to the death, anything goes, and all that) among employees to see who gets to server our suckers...I mean, customers.
  12. Maybe I could build it above the restaurant so people can watch ^^
  13. Am i running the resturant?
    If so do i decide what is being served?
    And what is the payment?
  14. 1. Yes
    2. Bread, ALL cooked meat and fish, mushroom stew and melon
    3. You decide how much it costs to grow/hunt/gather the food and base the price on that. (You get 75%, Mcon 15% and me 10%)
  15. melon aren't allowed and what about raw meat for a cheaper price?

    otherwise it sounds great!
  16. Only illegal, under the counter deals can feature raw meat. We are a fine dining establishment; as such, we only serve cooked foods. Also, if we didn't, the health department would likely shut us down.

    And that's correct, melons are illegal. I don't want to see any of them around, so good catch, XD.
  17. When the new map comes out it will be fine. I was talking about then.
  18. Okay, I get it. Sorry, I get confused sometimes.
  19. Perhaps when we expand the casino to a resort
  20. well i can maybe make a pool
    And i added a few thigs to the menu