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Chest Shop

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by supercrushed, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Since the shop plugin has been down I found this one to possibly replace it. It's called chest shop, you simply place a chest with the items you want to sell and a sign with certain writing on it, then whenever someone clicks the sign they by the specific item. This could make marketplaces in towns very useful.
  2. We used to have this on the old Exiled server. I personally don't like it, it places too much emphasis on who has the good position on the map, meaning new players who can't get land close to spawn have no chance of setting up a good shop. Also it makes comparing prices very difficult.
  3. For the same reasons though this is a good thing as it means you have to look around for a good place. But it really does mean that around Arhi and the stargates there will be just market stalls lol.
  4. Someone please set up a town. Someone then set up a shop in the town. Then expand your business and hire people :D
    We need to get the economy rolling again...
  5. On to it... TO HARLECH.
  6. I will provide a grant of 1,500 talents to the person who gives the best idea of a ChiRho shopping chain.
    (You think you could make a living by opening lots of shops in lots of different towns all selling similar things)

    Post your idea below and the winner will find the funding their bank account within 12 hours!
    Please note that the money MUST be used for:
    -Buying stock
    -Hiring/Paying wages
    -Buying plots (for shops)
    -Buying an area where your company has the right to all resources produced there but no-one else

    The money does not have to be paid back neither do I have to be placed on the board of directors. I will also pay for a plot in your name in Harlech if you choose. ;)
  7. Agreed.
  8. Well I have been planing a business for quite awhile. It will sell metals, iron,gold, etc... I will stake out mines for the company and hire 2-5 miners for each mine. Then, I will have a massive vault for the materials which will then be shipped to my various shops in the towns. At each shop there will be one employee there to sell the materials. I will get all profit from these sales and then distribute the money to the workers as a pay check. Workers will be paid weekly, but if a worker does not meet the requirements they will not be paid that week.
  9. While a nice idea Super, I have two problems.

    1. The numbers of men you stated that were needed are well beyond what's available. Perhaps one mine with 2-4 workers. Each worker will have 1 shaft each in a special pattern to maximize efficiency. Plus a performance based wage would allow you to stay on top of bills.
    2. If you remember back to the old map with the old shops, the price of diamonds would rise and fall from anywhere from 15 Talents up to 95. The same will apply to you when the business is set up. Supply must always be just less than demand and you will never know what the demand is. Plus you could mine for hours and not find a thing leaving this business and all its man power one giant risk to great for an investor.

    Everything else is great though. The idea of a vault would be a nice realistic touch. Maybe a mine-cart system to and from the mine ;)
  10. Two solutions:
    1. We are going live soon, more players :).
    2. It's called a monopoly :). I will set the demand ;).
  11. 1. We've already gone live, right? If we haven't I'll adjust the date on the trailer.
    2. Monopoly is a game of risk. Right now I'm the banker with the money. I could either give it to someone with a risk free get rich quick idea OR someone who has a decent idea but with high risk :p
  12. I've sort of eliminated the risk, I've already contacted all the big metal sellers. They're on my side now. ;) Also I've been studying the tactics used be many successful businessmen and I have improved my strategy.
  13. Check your thread about this. I left a message ;)
  14. Here is an idea....

    What if there happened to be a shopping district. Pyth, gill, and avp could sell lots to build a shop on and you would have to go there to buy stuff via the chest shop or in person. This way all the shops are in one organized area and no one can complain about location. Good idea?
  15. Or this could be an upgrade for towns. So we dont have one place only.
  16. I've seen stuff like this suggested plenty of times, and it's never been accepted.

  17. What like people get lots to build shops in a town? If they were all in one area then prices would be similar and fair.
  18. I really like this idea of a marketplace. Just one are with its own stargate and its like the shopping district. I fully support this.
  19. I personally think we should get market places in towns not one generic one. For a number of reasons.
    1. Imagine trying to run one massive town made purely of markets. Plus I cant see it being very good (no offense) someone will build a huge block of wood for a house and someone else will make one bigger ETC
    2. Would you rather have a stargate and run your own towns economy in your own little market, or have all shopping done in one massive park of markets.
    3. Just think about what a massive one would entail.
    4. Why dont we just wait for the shop pligin to update xD
    If not I vote we can just build markets in designated areas in towns. Giving more insentive for new towns and to get the economy rolling again.
  20. It is not a town. It would be a specific area organized and designed to build shops. All the plots would be the same height, width, and length but they can make it look creative. Maybe having a shopping district in a town could be a town upgrade?