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Chest Shop

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by supercrushed, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. I say keep things the way they are. After towns are founded and people start moving in then naturally merchants will see an opportunity and get things rolling. Super's mining business will be a huge supplier to any smaller businesses and so on and so forth.
  2. Still think we should keep things the way they are with no shop plugin? ;)
    I'd say the economy is a lil dry as of late.

    This is the only other "shop" plugin i found on bukkit besides chest shop:
    http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/grandexchangeplugin/. Not sure if i like it though.
  3. Is everything you do on the server centered around Harlech?? Lol
  4. Looking into this plugin as Virtual Shop doesn't seem to be getting update anytime soon =/
  5. On another note, will there be a way to retrieve lost items from the virtual shop?
  6. Ok Great!
  7. You know, you don't have to quote everything, all he said was yes.
  8. it's not really that big of a deal uku... :|
  9. There is a part of cest sop that i really like called admin shop.its a shop that doesnt need a cest and can both buy from any person and sell to any person...its really good for making a shop at spawn for cheap starter items.
  10. Admin shop is a shop which players cant set up and has an unlimited supply.
  11. That may work if we wanted to do the opposite of gi, so you could buy diamonds as well as sell them... :D
  12. As I was reading thru this thread I do like the idea of some of these add ons. Chest shop would be useful say if we (management) built a "mall" near spawn in which players rent or buy "plots" on which to build shops, therefore easily accesable to new players, and you know the prices as your competetion is right next to you. As for Admin shop, that presents problems and solutions, With unlimited items, items lose value due to supply > demand. Yet at the same time would lower prices for new players, accesable like virtual shop, and players can get items quickly rather than waiting for a shop owner to get on. AS for me, I would like to see both implemented, chest shop for players and admin shop for cheap things like cobble,dirt etc.
  13. No "spawned" items for sale. People will need to mine for it. Good news, don't know if I posted this already or not, someone updated the Virtual Shop. I'll be looking at it either tonight or tomorrow night.
  14. This would be onenof tye things to get the economy going again even with admin shop because then a shop owner could sell small items to buy bigger items for the shop from admin shop so they have a steady supply and demand
  15. your right except due to the fact that it is unlimited supply so you could not have an equal supply to demand there will always be more supply to demand unless you use player shop. (even then there might not be enough demand it is all about trying to balance the supply with the amount of demand for the item your selling)
  16. Yes but no one on the server has unlimited money so u cant buy unlimited items from the shop...

    And also it could bemade to where only shop ownersncould have accessnto thenadmin shop so they could have a supply it all just depends on demand like if your shop is very popular then it has a high demand so it needs a large supply aka the shop owners only admin shop but then again without admin shop the things like Golden Dawn Metals would finaly have a demand to sell to and then shops would resell the ores for a bit hgligher price so as rlto maoe a profit
  17. That is a bit silly your saying if you own a shop you make profit straight away you have your profit handed on a plate if anything it should be the other way around or the same problem would happen, the shop owners would have unlimited supply and would make easy money.The shop owners should have to mine the materials not just sell some stuff, then buy more and sell that then buy more ext. (that's is sell and re buy and if the admin shop is so low they can do that without ripping people off then it wont work). Admin shop should only be used for newbies who are getting money to own a shop, then once you start getting a few shops it should be taken away because it is no longer needed due to the fact people can buy and sell items to the people who own shops. Ones they have made enough money they can set up there own shops. (that is the best way for the economy to grow without one single thing being over powered)
  18. VirtualShop is working on the test server. Just doing a few minor tweaks and we should see it in the next day or two!