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ChiRho's first wedding!

Discussion in 'General' started by auhjos, May 14, 2012.

  1. Amypops and I are engaged (in game) and will be having a wedding sometime in the near future. Everything has been built and orginised (except our honeymoon home roof... Supercrushed :p). The plan is as follows:

    1. Get everyone to the island where the wedding is taking place
    2. Have the priest do a shortened version of wedding vows
    3. Go to the honeymoon home with everyone for a pool party
    4. Kick everyone out and enjoy the peace, scenery and the cool house ;)
    5. Return to my castle where Mr. and Mrs. Auhjos will live happily ever after :cool:

    There are about 14 seats left open at the wedding and thus you can get your invitation below! All you have to do is design/download a smart suit/tuxedo skin and be able to be on minecraft at the correct time. I don't know when that will be but when I do it will be posted here: EMPTY SPACE
    Here is the application format:

    Do you have an appropriate skin?
    Will you be able to get on MC at that time?
    What is the full chemical name of Titin? <--- This is a joke and doesn't have to be answered :3

    This is gonna be awesome
  2. The home is done... It just doesn't have a roof >.>
  3. Do you have an appropriate skin? YUP, I'm custom making mine :p

    Will you be able to get on MC at that time?I'm almost always on so most likely yes

    What is the full chemical name of Titin?Gili got bored with scrolling past all this. so byebye.
    l. wont let me type teh rest its too long sorry.(YES I COPY PASTED IT rigth about here i figure out im on caps lock...)
  4. Why auhjos WHY??! Now everyone is going to paste that ridiculous word in the thread! Oh congrats btw. I might be attending... :p
  5. Sorry Era :p It was so tempting...
    By the way, it may be on a Saturday evening GMT.
  6. GMT?
  7. I can attend, I already have a tuxedo suit.
    I'll be waiter if you need someone still
    Thanks, Ron
  8. Greenwich mean time J_Man


    Can i Come?

    Do you have an appropriate skin? I will have on the day
    Will you be able to get on MC at that time? I can come on almost anytime on Saturday
    What is the full chemical name of Titin? SnSn
  9. I'm not gonna bother with applying, and my skin doesn't matter, because if i decide to come, you won't even know i'm there.
  10. Do you have an appropriate skin? Yes red waiter unifrom can change colour if you want. Has an A on the side!!! :D
    Will you be able to get on MC at that time? Yes if you give me an exact time.
  11. [IMG]
  12. May I be a brides maid?

    Mhhhm :) Although, I may look too much like a bride :3 Meh, I took a shower got all undirty and this is what was under my skin. Deal with it xP

    2. Probaly, I'm on a lot and in GMT :)

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  13. Or, Ill make a tuxedo for my dirt dude and I could be official photographer? Specify a Tpack and I'll use it :)
  14. Umm... Ok...

    By the way, the job offers are closed with giladiatorG as the priest and Ron_burgendy as the waiter.
  15. But what about photographer? D:
  16. If you want.
  17. Who's the best man?........ :D
  18. MadCoconutMan is the best man :)
  19. WHAT?!? I asked you like a week ago :'(.
  20. Yea... Sorry. That was a big Derp :p