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ChiRho's first wedding!

Discussion in 'General' started by auhjos, May 14, 2012.

  1. can i be security or an usher?

    and you nee to specify an exact time not just evening
  2. There's no need. And the wedding will start on Saturday evening (GMT) when both Amy and I are online.
  3. cant i plz i just wanna do something in your wedding :D
  4. You could be the DJ... Yea. That's it! You can be the DJ!
  5. ok sounds great thanks
  6. The wedding starts at 19:50 (GMT) or 7:50 pm tonight.
    Don't be late and bring a suit!
  7. Be sure to post your pictures of the wedding!

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  8. As wedding photographer I took a few :D

    I do have more if you want to see them but these were a few of the best :)

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  10. I'm laughing so hard right now XD
    Quick explanation: Gili went a bit crazy with world edit...

    Oh and Shnaffle, be sure to upload more of those photos! Excellent job my friend!

  11. Quick explanation: Gili and Shnaffle went a bit crazy with world edit...

    I think you will find all WE was gili, he's a sudo head mod I'm not and thus, don't have WE, I'll upload some more pics soon :)
  12. Nice quote fail. but yeah, i need to get demoted soon, i'll ask pyth :p
  13. Why thankyou. Its a habit of mine.
  14. Aw...so sorry I missed this!

    You two have a great life!
  15. I Had my wedding :D but it was on other server :(but it was fun :D
  16. This is quite a bit late, but sorry, I mucked up since I was away for the weekend... :3
  17. I completely forgot XD