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Concerns about New Map

Discussion in 'General' started by Evildeath66, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Many of you are upset with the possibility of moving to a new map and completely restarting. I cannot answer all of your concerns. Please post them here so we can discuss it all. Thanks.
  2. I don't see why we just don't copy from era like the old world. It would not be that big of an advantage, and it's not like it's a PvP server. Also to say the world is tapped out not right. The old world last a year and a half, this one isn't even one year old.
  3. I think that we will lose members and possibly mods if we lose everything. I don't see how restarting is supposed to be the most fair. Someone mentioned its because people who have everything are less motivated, well if I lose everything I will be less motivated. Then it was suggested it makes it more fair for people who are just joining. Well how far do we take this socialistic point? To make it really fair we would have to make a restart everytime someone new joined. I know if I did not have such good friends on this server I would leave after a few restarts and losing everything. I don't want our numbers to dwindle some, and really I don't think it is fair to those who have spent a lot of time on this server. If we need a new map why not be able to keep our chests. THen at least we have materials to finance our creative world projects. That would create incentive. now we can build new buildings yet have the materials we worked so hard collecting. Also people are saying the world and resources have been tapped out.... well if you lose everything people will need to tap out the new world to build all their projects. The resources will last much longer if we can bring our old materials. I am Melsman and I approve this message, and I copied this last sentence from my BFF Evil.
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  4. From an old thread... awhile ago...

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  5. Just give it a shot guys, I know the pain of losing everything. You see it as one giant creeper that is going to blow everything we have, but this world will be better than you think. We do still encourage all of your opinions though.
  6. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Also, to put it in perspective, some servers do a map reset every few months. See: Reddit public survival.
  7. hehe should have done it on the 21/12/12 could have fulfilled and ancient prophecy :D
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  8. Personally I find the idea of a complete wipe sort of hard to bare with all the work I've put into some projects but if it must happen, ok. But please give us the opportunity to at least carry our items from the old world to the new one. Last map reset I didn't carry over any buildings at all and started anew but I couldn't have gone anywhere without the items or money. While it would make it easier for new players it'll be really hard on older ones, like Shnaffle, who've put countless hours and days into massive projects.
  9. Management and myself are still bouncing around ideas for the new world.

    We have already talked about starter kits, potential allowing some structures copied over, and changing up the plugins as some are dead or dying by the devs and makes maintenance during every Minecraft/Bukkit update hard.
  10. I'm of mixed opinions about this, so I'll do the old-fashioned pro/con list to outlay my thoughts:

    • The current Era is getting rather resource-depleted, with the exception of wide-scale strip mining - basically every cave, crevasse, and mineshaft has been plundered at this point.
    • There are lots of abandoned wooden / cobble hovels, especially near Arhi, which I think reflects poorly on the server.
    • We don't have pyramids or jungles, both of which are awesome.
    • Starting all over is incredibly dispiriting - there are a few things that I've put huge amounts of thought and effort into (giant tower, large semiautomatic farm, resort island in progress) that I'd be incredibly sad to lose. Minecraft is a game, after all, and it's nice to be able to escape from aspects of the real world like loss through it, instead of encountering them in the game as well.
    These should be weighted qualitatively, not quantitatively, by the way.

    I'd absolutely love to be able to bring a few things - not necessarily all my chests, but the structures I've mentioned above, to the new map - to do otherwise feels like a curator burning down an exhibit hall full of art after the tourists leave.
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  11. As to the concerns that we will lose players to a reset, IMO we have such a small number of regulars at the moment, that the increase brought from a restart will far outweigh the losses. Also, anyone who worries about losing stuff, the only real thing that matters is what you've built, surely? And that will still be available on a 'read only' basis, even if we do have a complete world restart.
    Also, I doubt I'm the only one who realises that our currency has become totally useless? A full map reset would mean that it has value again, and won't be inflated this time.
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  12. True, but I'd argue that allowing long time players to bring a few constructions with them would eliminate the drop in regulars and still allow for the increase in new players.

    Not having structures in the main world means that few people will be looking at them, and farms / redstone contraptions are substantially less useful if they're unmodifiable.

    It's useful for grabbing building materials en masse, I find. Please elaborate on why you see it as useless, though.
  13. If we allowed players to bring over structures, who's to say what belongs to the building, and what the player put there simply to transfer over? For example, what would stop me from rebuilding my roof from diamond, gold and iron blocks, getting it copied over, and then simply rebuilding with wood, thus making the whole process pointless?

    I suppose being able to fly around kinda changes my opinion on this point too, but I'm pretty sure I have seen every structure on the map to date, and i'm getting kinda bored of it, there is no exploring left to do, and i'm sure regular players who cannot fly as I do have the same feeling.

    As for currency, in my opinion, people have far too much money for the price of items: the reason it is useful for buying items 'en masse'. I find it is no longer worth selling on the shop, just buying, which, when people wise up to it, will not be hugely beneficial to the currency system.
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  14. For currency, I had an idea a while ago where you could also buy gold from the server and the server would track how much has been bought/sold. The more people buy the higher the price is and the more people sell the lower the price is. This would add a realistic stock market element to an otherwise almost pointless bank.
  15. Pythros ::3

    This would be very cool.
  16. 1. Alright, first I will talk about this "wipe". Era is NOT getting deleted or reset as people are led to believe. One of the few things will happen to Era when we go to a new world. It will either be put into a read-only mode like the existing old world is OR you will be able to continue to build in it for a few weeks OR it will be an as-is state meaning that plugins won't be supported for it and nor will anything else for Era. People will have the option of downloading the map (currently at 714MB) or get a copy of their structures/area for offline purposes if they desire.

    2. Money WILL be restarted. The existing economy plugin we use, iConomy, its developer hasn't touched the plugin since April 1, 2012 and has been inactive since mid April. Thus, there is no support for this plugin if it breaks. No, Everdras nor myself will bother fixing it when it does. We will have to go to a new economy/currency plugin. Money has also been inflated as mentioned a few times above. This is because when we first started back in July of 2011, the only good way for people to gain money was to stay online and they received a certain amount of money every 10 minutes or so, then I dropped it to initial 100 Talents when you joined in Era with no money gained for being online. Then, the "/gi" command came to be to exchange diamonds and gold for currency. Even I think the amount gained for gold is a bit high. When I set the exchange rate, it was based on the average price that gold, diamonds, and iron were going for in the VirtualShop. The new exchange rate will only be for gold and maybe emeralds. Gold will be at a more reasonable rate that one gold nugget equals 1 Talent. One gold ingot will be 90 Talents. The rate will most likely be stable as we will make a gold nugget the new standard of currency rather than a Talent. In the future, I would like to add silver and copper.

    3. This has nothing to do with Era being "tapped out" and I have no idea where this came from. Since Era was made during 1.1, there have been a handful of resources that we can't obtain legitimately due to biome code changes such as emeralds in extreme hills and all things jungle related. Yes, I am creating a world for us for this. I did plan on having it out already, but with the new resource(s) that is(are) coming out in 1.5 "The Redstone Update", I am putting it on hold until 1.5 so that the nether quartz and anything else they decide to throw in can be obtained there. Yes, your resources that you have will be gone. No, you won’t be able to bring over any chests - including items in the Virtual Chest.

    4. People will be able to apply for structures to be carried over. However, not everything will be approved. The criteria and agreements will be very strict. Such as but not limited to, no diamond or gold blocks will be copied over from a structure and chests will be emptied. I must be able to tell from a glance that it has taken an incredible amount of work to build it. For example, a structure that took only a few hours will not get copied over. Something to the liking of Harlech or that huge structure thing that DarkDeath and DarkDemon are making in the NW would be approved. Also, the structure would had started being built by a date that I set once we decided to move forward to the new world. Note, that this date will vary depending on when we do move.

    5. People will be able to apply for structures from Poieo to be copied over. The price for these will either be determined on the resources that need to gather or in-game currency based on the resources in the structure. This will be determined later, so please don’t ask about details.

    6. People will start out with a few items to get them started off.

    7. Our server has always been about survival and will always be about it.

    8. Concerns about people leaving: There is always the risk of people leaving due to changes. Changes happen no matter where you go. If things don’t change, it becomes stagnant, bacteria grows, and it produces stinky gases. If people do leave, they just have to remember that they will have to start over on a new server.

    To be continued...

  17. Somewhat offtopic, but would these be implemented in a manner similar to Eremos? For that matter, would the server get a new Eremos when we move to a new mainworld map?

    This is incredibly relieving, and also good compromise in my opinion.
  18. Yes, there will be the jungle world: Xylochos.
  19. thats a city ^_^ (in the making) and WewT glad to know about the items :D will be good to start over again :)