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Concerns about New Map

Discussion in 'General' started by Evildeath66, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. I don't really think it's fair to copy over only select pieces of land. If the goal is to set the playing field even again, why should towns and huge buildings be allowed and give people a step ahead? I only think it's fair if you copy everything, or you copy nothing.

    Also, new people will always be joining the server. How often are we going to do this? And what's the incentive to build epic things if it is all going to be wiped in a couple months anyway? I really don't think this is nessesary. Many people, including myself, may not play as often, or not at all, if all our hard work is reduced to nothing.
  2. You will soon be able to build in the Creative World, where all your work WILL be saved, so if you start building there you can get your creations transfered over to the new world when you gather the resources required to build it ;)
    Also, Era will become a read-only map, so people will still be able to visit and see the old creations.
  3. Okay, so, question: Can we request buildings to be moved from Era to the CW?
  4. I agree. I spent a ton of time on a scale replica of a Frank Lloyd Wright house and I wouldn't be happy if I were no longer able to use it. I would like to request things be copied over. Also, a week's notice before the switch might be nice, please.
  5. Stagnant water technically isn't bad, betta fish thrive in it and it aids in most of nature's cycles. Not saying change is bad, I love change. Just saying there are good things about stagnant water, especially fish. I like fish. :p
  6. Bettas are solitary though. We aren't. ;)
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  7. I just finished my house ^_^
  8. Seeming that ChiRho's been relatively empty recently I've finally made my mind up about this. I do not mind a new map and in fact encourage the change over. I believe that people should be allowed their inventories, /gp c's and maybe one or two buildings (chests included). Just like the last reset this will allow the ones who want to continue from this map to keep on working on their projects and also allow anyone who wants to start 100% afresh, can. The reset will bring back that 'new to minecraft' feel to the server and something which I personally miss :,). A message from Auhjos.
  9. It's not as much fun starting 100% fresh, if everyone else doesn't. The point is to see how far you can go again, and have more fun. You shouldn't need diamond blocks to have fun. Also, if one person had tons of cash and stuff while others reset, they will have a big monopoly in the economy, effectively ruining it again.
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  10. It seems to me like we've just gone a complete full circle. We've pretty much exhausted every possible complaint about this. Change is GOOD. We'll all have fun starting fresh. I know that you think negatively about it now, but trust me, when it happens you won't feel that way anymore.
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  11. Everdras Bit Shifter

    I agree with a 100% reset. Also, we should ramp up advertising heavily right after we restart fresh. Give our regular players a day or two of head start, then get a flood of new players up in here. I feel like it's a lot easier to keep new players when everyone is on and happily mining away, since there's a lot to do and a lot of demand for resources and help.
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  12. I have a question. I want to know if all 102 dogs I own will die. Or will it be like old spawn where the dogs only exist in that world? I don't want my puppies to die :(
    piscies123, Apr 4, 2013
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  13. They will not only die, they will BURN. They will be thrust into lava, but not killed, dunked into water at the last second just to prolong the pain. Then, they will be tossed off into a world hole to forever be gone. :mask:
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  14. what kind of sick joke is this? ;( if that happens I don't want a world change
  15. I've said already that Era would be in a read-only state such as that of the old world. No pets will die.
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  16. thats a relief
  17. Wikipedia defines "a read-only state such as that of the old world" as: All pets shall parish.
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  18. Why are you so mean? :(
  19. Because that is a Senior Moderator's duty, to suck the living life out of all things fun. MWHAHAHA. No, I'm just teasing you because I care about all ChiRhoians. Now please enjoy this emoticon of a chicken, :chicken:
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  20. That chicken was much enjoyed but now the aliens are invading :greyalien:
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