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Crafting plugin

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ukuleleawesome, May 27, 2012.

  1. This looks awesome!
  2. Wow! This may be the best suggestion yet! Plus this doesn't really affect the realistic feel of the server.

  3. i would have to say i like it but at the same time people may be able to take advantage of certain aspects.
    for example, if you stick an almost destroyed diamond chest plate back in you get the diamonds back then re-craft it for full durability, =/ i don't know exactly if it will give you only a certain amount of diamonds for the durability, but if it doesn't go on the durability then people could use it to just reuse the same armor again and again, this wouldn't keep with the realistic feel in my opinion. sorry guys but i just don't think it would work without having recurrences.
  4. i have been looking at it and i think dependent on the durability depends how much you get back. So your example with a diamond chest piece it you would get 1 diamond back if it is virtually destroyed.
  5. mkay ^_^ just from looking at the site briefly it says that a helmet gives you 5 of the thing you made it from, i didn't see anything on the durability of the items. :p my bad XD