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Creative World Question.

Discussion in 'General' started by Shnaffle, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. *Wasn't too sure where to post this; so I'll just put it in general**
    I have a couple of queries:
    1) Would it be possible to have a way for players to build across the roads in Poiesis, (Just the ones that divide the land between the persons plots) I have a 3x3 plot formation next to the spawn. and being able to build across the roads would be a huge help, as I'm trying to build mountains and whatnot around a city in the center, but the roads are making it impossible for me to do so.
    2) Does WorldGuard still apply in Poiesis? Some people are asking for PVP areas, but I'm not sure whether to do this through the region flag commands, or if there is another way done by the plot system in Poiesis?
  2. 1) I have hopes to get this happening. Right now, the developer that made PlotMe told me it currently isn't possible to set it up this way, but they are looking into it due to popular requests.

    2) Yes, WG works in Poieo. Those various of flags like PvP mob-spawning are handle through WG, not PlotMe.