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CSL! (ChiRho Spleefing League)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by supercrushed, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. I was thinking that on the new map (Era) the server could start a CSL spleefing league. I have a few people on my staff already. Right now I'm making a huge arena in creative mode that could serve as our stadium( But I am making it very detailed, there is noooo way I will be able to get all this stuff on ChiRho) Each town could have a spleef team, then every Sunday, or more often if we want we could have a game! This would be something real fun for the whole server. Here is my staff right now

    Commissioner: Supercrossed
    Co-commissioner: QOOOOOOOOOQ
    Staff: giladgiatorG

    If anyone else wants to sign up, let me know.
    Maybe this arena could go in the "Game World" Mcon mentioned in the Casino Post.
  2. Re: CSL! (ChiRo Spleefing League)

    Gj also asked to be staff, so count him in too.
  3. Re: CSL! (ChiRo Spleefing League)

    It's a pretty good idea. Count me in as betsmaster.
  4. Re: CSL! (ChiRo Spleefing League)

    I do believe you mean 'bookie'.
  5. Re: CSL! (ChiRo Spleefing League)

    No, actually i don't. If i'm in charge of bets, i get to choose my name. so there.
  6. Re: CSL! (ChiRo Spleefing League)

    Yes sir gili.
    Betsmaster: gili707
  7. Re: CSL! (ChiRo Spleefing League)

  8. Re: CSL! (ChiRo Spleefing League)

    Great idea!

    See you guys in the arena!
  9. Re: CSL! (ChiRo Spleefing League)

    /sign i would love to help with this
    um but i could be say the stadium repairman or something mabye archetectual designer ooh i like that last one
  10. Re: CSL! (ChiRo Spleefing League)

    Jman thanks for the reminder, we can start building the arena :p
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    I'd love to help out with this too. I can build as well
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    :O, I started this and I completely forgot about it :p.
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    I'm in... i'm counting on you super to find a place for me in your ranks :D.... or else
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    Sure thing, and I just realized this whole time I had ChiRho spelled wrong!
  15. I would sort of like to have the stadium look like this:

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  16. ahahaha we can try :lol:
  17. super it will take a realy long time to make that so um mabye size it down a couple hundred notches
  18. Spelling error. Hundreds should be thousands.
  19. It could be done. I've seen bigger and more detailed projects.
  20. Re: CSL! (ChiRo Spleefing League)

    i have an idea for ron he could build the starting torch hes good at giant burny stuff