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Desktop thread, post your desktops, no cleaning up!

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Everdras, May 21, 2012.

  1. Everdras Bit Shifter

  2. Nice wallpaper there Everdras, I love that show.

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  3. =O

    I thought you only used Linux!
  4. Everdras Bit Shifter

    I wish. So many games only work in Windows, especially oldies like Command & Conquer.

    Here's my Arch desktop:

    That's where all the work gets done.

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  5. Are we looking for with windows as-is or minimized to see the the wallpaper?
  6. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Whatever you want. Traditionally, "desktop threads" are just to get a snapshot of how cluttered (not clean) you keep your desktop normally, how you set things up, etc.
  7. After having to reinstall Ubuntu because of filesystem failures, here's my desktop now (all 9 of 'em :p). The only icon on the actual desktop is the jarfile of MagicLauncher.