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Dinner parties

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by auhjos, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. I've hosted dinner parties for 4 lucky people and wanted to spread the joy! Maybe there should be a dinner party competition and the winner is the one who serves the best food and has the best setting!

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  2. Minecraft come done with me. Do they have come done with me in America?
  3. They have something like it but I'm not 100% sure... There are plenty of cooking programs though :D
  4. Heh. This is actually pretty funny. I'll go capture Harlech again and host a party at the castle. :D
  5. That would be cool but Harlech castle doesn't have a dining room so there's a suggestion Shnaffle! And Super, Shnaffle has set up redstone defenses so watch out!
  6. Yes yes I have. Also Auhjos we are adding a dining hall :p just havnt got around to it yet. Or any interior for that matter. Also Im fairly sure Ive seen Come Dine With Me America although I could be very much mistaken.
  7. Cool! If you like the idea leave the response: /sign
  8. very limited food though :p
  9. Well go out hunting and build a farm (or buy it from me). The mob spawn rate has (apparently) been fixed and if you can't get points on food then why not setting? Maybe a small romantic cabin or a large majestic palace?
  10. /sign
    i like the idea :)
  11. Hello, I'm Auhjos' twin brother Huajos. >.>