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Disabling /gi

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by supercrushed, Feb 21, 2012.


Should we keep /gi?

This is ridiculous! We should keep /gi as it lets us trade in our diamonds and gold instead of wasti 5 vote(s) 71.4%
I think that /gi should be disabled as it discourages the use of virtual shop in the gold and diamon 2 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. Although it was a gold idea to have it so that players could trade in their gold and diamonds for money I think it discourages the use of the shop. While I was on the server today I was looking to buy some diamonds and found that the prices were about 80 talents and up. I asked a lot of the people who where selling them to lower the prices; basically I got the same response every time: "Why should I lower the price? I could just go sell it to the server for 75 talents." It's the same for gold, personally I think /gi should be disabled. Just my two cents :)
  2. While I feel similarly in this problem, if we did disable it we would need another source of income, since we no longer make money per 10 minutes. Or the current money could just circulate I suppose... that seems like a flawed system though...
  3. Well I think that if a player wants to become wealthy he should have to earn it. For example, if a player wants to sell his diamonds he should find out who wants and agree on a fair price instead of just going start to the bank and trading them in. Also I did not know that we no longer get 10 talents every 10 minutes.
  4. Wait, when I first read your comment I misunderstood it; now I see your point. Please disregard my response. :oops:
  5. You might want to read this... viewtopic.php?f=6&t=513 ;)
    and no worries mate haha. btw there is always the edit button...
    But really I completely agree with you but I also see where pyth is coming from and we need a source of income one way or another... Maybe we can double the abundance of gold and take off diamonds from /gi since gold isnt THAT useful...

    or... I think the server should sell materials. So when ron_burgendy /gi s 100 gold for 35 talents,
    supercrossed now has the option to buy that 100 bold for the same price of 35t. So its basically a combination of a shop and a bank loan, but since the bank is the server and has infinite money, it doesnt have to worry about the risk that it will lose money. Ooohhh i like that idea! Responses?
  6. Perfect!
  7. The problem with removing the /gi function is that, as you stated before, the economy is essentially capped of at a certain limit (100n where n = # of players on the server) because there is no way to inject additional capitol into the market besides the welcoming of additional players onto the server (as each new player receives 100 talents). I don't necessarily agree with your plan Ron, simply because it discourages any form of competitive pricing on materials that can be cached in at the bank. If a player can at any time purchase gold from the bank at the price of 35t, any potential seller would have to price their gold lower than 35t to be competitive. But their is no incentive to do this, since they can cache their gold in anyway for 35t. Thus the price of the offered commodity is determined entirely by the bank's pricing (talk about standardization). In addition, it allows the market to essentially return to it's base state (100n) simply by repurchasing the materials it sold in the first place. While I do agree that we need to allow the caching in of additional resources, I believe that it needs to be a one time thing-- no buybacks or anything of the sort.
  8. Or there is the incredibly simple option of selling Diamonds on the Shop for 75 talents...
  9. Lol ;)

    I certainly see your point Asper, and I have a few responses- The /gi for gold is a different sort of shop is the way I think about it, the server shouldn't have infinite gold for purchase, maybe the price fluxuates based on how much gold the server has in stock? so if me, shnaff, super all trade in 300 gold, the price goes down to 20t per gold ingot, for purchase and trade in, then if gili buys 299 of them the price for purchase and trade goes up to 50t? Just an example ignore the numbers focus on the principle.
    and as to it being only a exchange for money thing with no buybacks, well i had something to say but now but i forget... so just focus on the first part
  10. I love Ron's idea here of having fluctuating prices depending on stock in the bank. This could lead to people not just randomly selling but instead creating a cunning business plan.
  11. ^^^ohhhhhhhhh pythros we need you that plugin looks amazing!
  12. /sign
  13. Bad idea IMO simply because of mob grinders... Plus in 1.2 mobs have a chance of dropping iron and bows and iron tools. So not really much point. We should just keep /gi its a perfectly good tool and theres little problem with it. Just sell items on ths shop for the gi rates and we have no problem.