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Duckshop Plugin

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Will_STG, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. Here is just one of my ideas for the new map and i hope it will be of use. You could add a business aspect to the new map. So you could have shop plots so people could buy shops and build on top of them. You could add the plugin Duckshop, so you could sell things within you shop. You could employ people to work in your shop. This will add a whole new aspect to the economy and give people with nothing to do something to work on. this would also bring more competition between shops and bring more people to town so helping the mayors as well. I do hope this would be of use.

    Here are some photos of an example shop I made!

    Here is the plugin to go with all of this


    Hope this is considered! Will_STG

    Sorry i messed up, can somebody please move this to suggestions please Thanks

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  2. Just my opinion I think this is pretty cool I dont know how it works thought or what exactly it does so I'll think I'll look at it and do some research but I think this is a great idea especially if its compatibly with iConomy I think that could really add to the server. Just my 2 cents.


    So I looked at the plugin and it seems to cool to me i think it would be a great addition although unfortunately I couldnt find any videos or actual examples but im not sure. I think it would be a worth shot though! Maybe a 2 week trial period and if we dont like it (We can vote on the forums?) we can just take it down.
  3. We already have a shop plugin....
  4. Honestly if it is what i think it is then the plugin Pyth has installed currently is better. With this Duckshop plugin you would have to physically travel to the shop instead of just typing /buy [quantity] [item].
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