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endercannon sand sprayer

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by 09jnewington, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. i spent ages perfecting this epic cannon, it shoots tnt over 100 blocks!!!

    and sprays sand with it! enjoy

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  2. Why aren't the pictures moving?

    Is the video broken?

  3. ^^


    Care to show us how it works?
    And why did you have to make it out of adminium?
  4. How can we be sure it even works without video/before and after
  5. 1. i cant make it for you as I cant get bedrock on chirho

    2. I cant make it for you because I cant use tnt on chirho

    3. maybe ill make a video
  6. Just saw the vid, nice idea! I see that you use older cannons (1.4 type) to launch the sand. Good idea...
  7. Tried watching the vid a few hours ago. It said that it was broken, or something, and it didn't load. Perhaps you should fix it.
  8. I thought you were alowed to set off TNT, but it wont break any blocks. It would probably still toss the sand and you could use any material for it since it wont break.
    But then i might make alot of lag
  9. TnT will damage you, but not blocks. I don't know about throwing blocks from the explosion, but I doubt it would.
  10. ye, but its rare and expensive
  11. Meh, kill a few creepers, you have yourself TnT.
  12. is there much for sale?
  13. Actaually I have made TNT cannons my self and you do not need bedrocks, you need water.
    Here is mine:

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  14. It still remains intact after the explosion, but I could only upload four pictures per reply, and it would look the same as the first picture.
  15. try stacking sand on the firing block(s)