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Experience Potions for Sale!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by XDmaster66, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. So I've noticed that the server has no Experience from mobs. And I've noticed that people, (myself included) had made Enchantment Tables and had no use. I've also noticed (I've been observitivle lately) that Enchanting Potions have been added. So i propose that there should be an area where you can Purchase and Use enchantment potions so that people don't feel that they've wasted their 2 diamonds. I do understand why there is no experience on the server. It is to prevent significant lag, right? Well i think that to prevent the collecting experience orbs and then dying i think that you could add keeping XP on death.

    Just a thought.

    PS:I've also observed that __________ for sale is a common thread name latley ;)
  2. Thanks super

    Now i look like an idiot...
  3. IDEA STEALER. D: jk but this is my idea :p
  4. Honestly, I just finished Skyward Sword and thought up this idea
    You beat me to it....
    If only I had beaten Zelda ealier...