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Fabled Dissapearance

Discussion in 'General' started by darkdemon987, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Okay, so as some may know, ive been MIA for a little while now :p
    its because my pc decided that living wasnt a good thing anymore, :/
    but IM BACK >:D
    so uhmm, quick questions, what map are we on? have we updated? :p cause i needs to know if i have to find an old version to play on the server and what not, ^_^
  2. 1.2.5 ATM on Era, in a day or two (maybe today) we will be off to a 1.3.1 factions map. :p Welcome back!
  3. thanks, uhhh, i want. . . no NEED to get back on now D: too much withdrawls :/ know anywhere i can get the outdated version? :D
  4. thanks gili ^_^
  5. i replace the .jar but it doesnt ask me to update then freezes on "done loading"
  6. Did you remember to rename it minecraft.jar? cause it's called 1.2.5.jar when you download it.
  7. Yay! Welcome back! :D
  8. Good to see you back :)
  9. Yay its about time you showed yourself again :lol: