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Factions rethink.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by auhjos, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Perhaps we could redo the way we manage factions to help with some people's upset. I've taken my idea and compressed it into a three bullet points:

    1. Use the current map + money. This would allow towns and players to prepare for factions and will test the strength of the infrastructure in places like Harlech. It also means that players won't have to go through the pain of starting again. (Obviously when we go back to our regular running we switch back to a save and not the ravages of a factions map :p).
    2. Remove world guard (except for Arhi and outposts). This will mean that town owners will have to save up and buy the land for when we switch to Factions. This also means that small groups of people also stand a chance against larger factions in prebuilt forts (player made).
    3. Only Head Mods+ tp and they cannot join factions. Having this means that Mods and Jr. Mods won't be able to 'abuse' tp powers and Head Mods won't be able to use fly privileges to quickly capture land as they can't join.

    I hope that you agree to my proposed changes. If anyone else has ideas please do post. Also, anything which I haven't mentioned I think should be kept the same.