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Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by supercrushed, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone. I made this topic to say goodbye to all my fellow xp-e.net members. I might not be on the server for a while because things at school, and outside school are picking up. (Basically I can't play because of my parents :p)
  2. Will you still be on? I don't want to have an empty house next to mine :(
  3. :oops: , sorry uku, I'm trying to get them to let me back on :p. But, I also agreed to stop playing. If they do let me play I won't play until the temp. map is over.
  4. Thats a Shame, But If you don't come back Good luck in whatever you do.
  5. Bye Super! On behalf of DeltaFrost we wish you the best of luck and wish you return any day. :(
  6. Well that sucks! Bye Super! :( :( :(
  7. Bye super!! we'll miss you! Hope to see you again! '

    PS Get on Skype :p
  8. :O , Good news. At my school we semester exams and quarter exams. I took my quarter exams on Friday and the grades are supposed to come in today at around 5 EST. If I do good on it I bet I will be allowed back on :D.Also, I think i sort of worded this the wrong way, I didn't mean I was leaving forever :p, it's just my grades were slipping and with baseball practice and all my parents didn't think I had time to play MC.
    Edit: The grades actually came in at 3. I got all A's :D. And I don't have any baseball games this week so my parents are allowing me to play MC.
  9. I've heard from many people that their is a rumor going around that I left because of the people.... It's not true.
  10. School > gaming
  11. what on earth are you guys talking about with 'aww man that's a shame'

    A SHAME?!?!

    super has been a key contributor to this server since the day he joined, he will be dire missed by all, super trust me;

    people will notice you have gone when you do.
  12. Super isn't leaving now 09jnewington...
  13. Exactly. That's why I agreed to stop playing when my grades began to slip.
  14. Lol thanks. That makes me feel pretty good. :D
  15. Just remember, there's no rush. We are on a temp map ;)