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For Sale Stargate Hub

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Evildeath66, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. 1. What is your idea/suggestion? A stargate hub for things that are for sale.

    2. How would this benefit the community? It would increase the number of houses for sale, and give us one more thing to do in-game.

    (I have houses for sale under the AH, and because of the distance, players won't even look at them. What's the point of selling real-estate if noone will even look at it? I dont blame them, I wouldnt travel all the way to do that either. Gilis idea was to make a For Sale Stargate hub, so you can go to any house that is for sale. It would increase the ammount of houses for sale, and give us one more thing to do in-game. Thanks :D)
  2. People would expect that the Stargate will remain there after they bought it and probably would not know how to get to it without the Stargate. Thus causing frustration for the player. IMO
  3. Does stargate not have a message system? We could set the sales network to give the message "this stargate will be removed if the sale is made, please note coordinates" rather than "teleported".
  4. You make a valid point Pyth, but the message system would be an easy fix. Another thing I just thought of that could be a problem (even though I want this Stargate) would be players listing houses or structures for an outrageous amount and then just using the hub for a free teleport to the place. Maybe we can have mods monitor the usage or set a limit to the things you can have for sale?
  5. Whatever happened to this idea?
  6. Here's a thought, creating random outposts and random locations that will have a dedicated OR a Airship/Hot Air Balloon as means of transportation to the location. If people want to come up with designs of the outposts (each unique) and post here, we can get them added.
  7. That sounds good, but hopefully we can make lots.