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Going onto 4pm

Discussion in 'General' started by Sifrin, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Yep. Sitting here bored and not the slightest tired. Hopefully I can see you all on the server and
    more often. Talking is always 30 times better than typing or at least it is for me. I dropped into teamspeak everyday. Even when the server died so you can always find me there. Also I checked on your MLP town once a week to be sure nothing was damaged or missing piscies123 and Embernight and I'm sorry to report it is all "missing" now somehow :eek: . Now we have to start over again heh. One problem being though was the server population. That is what pretty much killed the server so I'll go recommend it to everyone on my friends list that I know and throw the website/server up onto my profile page on steam. Will also look for other opportunities to spread the servers name because I don't want this server to die. Now that I am sure I rambled out of boredom, I will look back at this in the morning and question what I was going on about. Goodnight possibly.(Or in the next two hours after 4pm.)
  2. I'm back, and I'm spending all my time at the computer on teamspeak. Feel free to join me there.
  3. Yeah! Do it! Gili has the best accent. :p
  4. I'm also on irc almost all the time