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Golden Dawn Metals

Discussion in 'General' started by supercrushed, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Company Description:
    Golden Dawn Metals is a company focused on the mining and selling of raw/smelted metals.
    Company Info:
    Currently the company only has one mine, one miner, one supervisor, and one CEO. That will soon all change, when the server goes live we plan to have 3-5 mines, with 3-5 miners per mine. ATM the company headquarters is being built, this will serve as a vault for all the metals and as a processing plant. Then the metals will be shipped via player/mine cart to our stores. All profits will go to management which will then distribute the money evenly to all employees.
    Positions Needed:
    (There will be more positions to fill as the company grows.)
    Current Members:
    CEO= Supercrossed
    Assistants: Ukuleleawesome, natnat6
    Overall Supervisor: EvilDeath66
    Miner: Buritto999 (I'm not too sure if he is with us.)

    -Veni, vidi, vici

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  2. Looks cool, I'd love to join!
  3. Sure thing! Any specific position you would like. For now you just have to tell me which position you would like, that will change in the future.
  4. i would also like to help but only after csl is done
  5. Nice logo, looking at this plan has made me change my mind. Perhaps I'll invest after all ;)
  6. Sweet ;). Wolf and I went mining yesterday and together we have about 25 diamonds, 30 gold, and 2 1/2 stacks of iron.
  7. I'd love to join. Looks like most spots are filled, so I'm content being a miner. Maybe I can prove myself and be promoted. Thanks! lmk coords etc where i shud mine
  8. I've decided to start out with two mines. I need another supervisor for the new mine so you can be it. :D

    Edit: This will be the last rank I give out, meaning from now one you will have to start as a miner and work your way up.
  9. :D yay. thanks haha.
  10. Well, if I even played on the server anymore, I would ask about partnering up with the Shekel Shop. But I don't play anymore, so the point is moot :p
  11. I'm impressed. Keep up the good work, maybe found a town near the mines to house everyone and to earn some money on the side from selling the houses/apartments.
  12. @Aaron, I wish you still played :(
    @auhjos, if uku's village gets approved I plan to make my first two mines there. :)
  13. The funding has been sent. Congratulations and good luck ;)
  14. :D thanks. I'm opening the first mine today.
  15. I'm making this diagram is to clear up a few questions:
    CEO>Assistant>Head Supervisor> Head Miner> Supervisor> Miner
    CEO: supercrossed
    Assistants: natnat6, ukuleleawesome
    Head Supervisor: EvilDeath66
    Head Miner: Doubt_Wolf
    Supervisor: Ron_Burgendy
    Miner: None :p
  16. Talk to nathy101 when he comes online, he needs a job ;)
  17. Looks sweet. I'll join. Put me where you need me :D
  18. Can I have the co-ords of your HQ? It would also be helpful to those looking for a job.
    On the side, if any materials are needed for construction then I'll happily supply them ;)
  19. Thanks auh, but you've already done enough :p. Erai, you are now a miner ;).
  20. Didn't you say you were making 2 mines. Because if you are i would love to help with one because C.S.L is done other than the bets room and the pit.