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Golum Killer.

Discussion in 'General' started by Shnaffle, May 6, 2012.

  1. I demand that the person thats killed all my golums owns up here. I left with a few people at my house although I doubt they did it and come back about an hour later and theyre all dead. There was no way this was natural as Id literally just made them. It's a real pain to make them in the first place and to have to replace them because someone thinks its funny to be an idiot, well its not.
    If you own up, meh dont do it again, if not I KILL U. jk. Ill just live in a dirt house :D
  2. I punched one a few times.... but that was it. You might want to check out uku ;)
  3. I dont get why people punch them and kill them :/ And ok I will...
  4. Well to be honest Shnaffle, the Golums drop iron when killed so to put it simply:
    Kill Golum=Free ironz
    Moral: Golums are pointless unless you know that people won't attack them :/
  5. Wasn't me. I just didn't like the way he looked at me >.>
    Never touched him or her or it.
  6. Well considering my house is 4000 blocks from spawn, and the only people that can even get onto the island are people that have been tped onto it... I used them because I trusted people :/