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Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by 09jnewington, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. anyone here take intrest in specifically in playing the guitar?
    if yes, ill start a thread here, intresting makes, meme videos, e.t.c

    if no, ill shut up^^
  2. No. We don't do guitars here. We do good instruments, like Pianos and other such stuff. So there. lol

    By the way, you didn't get bored or anything, and reply to about ten topics on the forums, did you?
  3. just now? yeh, i am bored so i decided to check up on forums^^
  4. NB: this wasnt a one off, i check them most everyday^^
  5. I like guitars which have strings...
  6. What, as opposed to the ones that don't have strings?
  7. Those are bad guitars and I don't like those.

    I like trains *train kills everyone*
  8. I play the piano, quite well actually. ;)
  9. Guitar,Ukulele,Piano,Bass,Banjo,and Vocals
    i win :cool:
  10. Organ, piano, handbells, autoharp. Best I can do. Although I experimented with guitar/banjo for a little bit, didn't like it too much.
  11. Nice, i "play" the vocals as well. :)
  12. Guitar player here as well.
  13. I play the note blocks
  14. You mean, tableture?
  15. i play tabs, yes

    but i was refering to the minecraft block^^
  16. Lol, I get it now...