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Haapy Purim!!

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by 09jnewington, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. well are we all having a super purim?


    here is my costume :) very sweaty after a long while in the sun

    upload your costumes (from purim or not) and let's vote on the best
    I'll start the ball rolling

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  2. What the heck is purim? :D
  3. Jewish festival celebrating our survival through an attempted genocide about 2100 years ago. We dress up and eat jam tarts to symbolise stuff which I've forgotten as I post this... I dressed up as Albert Einstein.
  4. if your moustache is still sticky can you post a pic?
  5. A: I don't have a camera
    B: No
    C: I don't know how to upload pictures onto a computer... (Mostly because I don't have a camera)
  6. you spread one point onto 3
  7. Are you talking about when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and killed millions of Jews?
  8. That's know as the 9th of Av. We're talking about an incident within the Persian empire.
  9. I read that in the bible only two weeks ago! :D That is, that part of the book of esther
  10. It IS the book of Esther! :lol:
  11. :/ being a Megillah and all, It wouldnt be found in a bible.

    what exactly was it?