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Discussion in 'General' started by supercrushed, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Hey ya'll, so a few days ago I went into my school library and sat down at a computer next to a kid playing minecraft. To be honest with everything going on since I quit i hadnt even thought of minecraft in months. Back then I quick minecraft basically because i was way too addicted and it literally took ALL of my time away from school, sports, and social activities. Now that I am pretty much set in all of those categories I see no reason why I can't start playing again as long as I don't get too addicted :D. Also my homework for drafting was to design a perfect city thus why i was in the library and that inspired me to now make my perfect city on the server. Soo basically if you don't want to read all that I am coming back to the server and will build an awesome city :). Although i wont play as much it wont be like before where i stop in like every 2 months. Hasta luego amigos.
  2. Welcome back :D :D :D
  3. Welcome back, again :p
  4. Is the server ip still mc.xp-e.net? everytime I try and stop by I can never join. :p
  5. It is. But it is still on 1.6.4.
  6. Long time, no see. Welcome back!
  7. Ah, ok thanks pythros. And you too Sif! I'll be playing a lot more again and I'm looking forward to it haha!
  8. Sorry for the inactivity again, I really have no time this summer, haha. I'm actually taking college classes right now for the rest of the summer for rising high school seniors. (Which is extremely scary because I joined the server in the beginning of my freshman year of high school, time flies!) Anyways I will hope to see you all on the server in a few weeks!

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  9. AHHHHHH! SUPER YOU EXIST??? I hope you're doing well and i hope to see you on the server soon. I'm glad i caught this post
  10. Erai!!!! Buddy it's been so long! Haha, as soon as I get home I'll let you know and we'll play together! :)
  11. YES! I can't wait man! Hope you're doing well? I'll talk to you later i guess :eek: