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House and mountainside greifed with lava

Discussion in 'General' started by blackypirate, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Piscies says that Man_Goo69 was also pouring lava all over the place. I only found jarrod who tried to kill me with lava while i climbed up the mountain.

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  2. i think jarrods was an accident but i know man goo poured lava on my head twice when i was climbing a mountain plus he was trying to swear plz make him stop :(
  3. nevermind jarrod admits to it and now hes swearing all over the place and calling me names :evil: :(
    someone plz keep the server family friendly and stop him!
  4. I second the swearing. If necessary, i can post parts of the conversation. It gets really nasty with the swears.
  5. He also said he was using xray mod.
  6. Jarrod is sorted. Im not sure about mangoo can anyone tell me what his part in this was?
  7. I'll get on and sort this, gimme a minute :p
  8. I'll explain - me and shnaffle confronted this guy about an xray mod, so as far as i can tell, he raged and pretended someone else was on his account, now he's griefing. Shnaff, you got any more information :p
  9. Erm, not really, he was on yesterday when some other person "took over" his account and started swearing. A LOT. Anyway he is banned and I rolled back as much of the griefing as I could except the bits that needs world edit. Man_Goo69 should be watched a LOT, (even if he isn't banned for his name).
  10. He's been banned.