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I was being an even bigger idiot...

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by auhjos, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Guess who accidentally updated with no back ups... :oops:
    Have fun on factions! I'll be chilling on my new SP map ;)
  2. Search "The Great Windmill Minecraft" on google and you can download any version
  3. I already checked, it only seems to go up to 1.1
    At least now I have the chance to destroy all I want :twisted:
  4. Lol, I did this too. I too checked great windmill to find that they didn't have 1.2.3. But a while ago I was installing some mods and back-uped my minecraft 1.2.3.jar on my destop :D.

    Edit: I can send you mine if you would like. It would just have a few mods on it.
  5. Guys guys, all is fine :)
    Have fun on factions. I'll just slowly work my way up to 1,000 posts :D