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I was being an idiot.

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by giladiatorG, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. So I was being an idiot, as auhjos and MadCoconutMan would know, and got Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which means that my drivers are now out of date for some reason. I tried updating them through Intel's website (My graphics card is Intel HD Graphics), and it still won't work.

    If you find a way to help, please tell me, if not, this is just telling you that I'm not gonna be on the server until I find a way to revert back to Windows 7.
  2. If anything like other Window's installations, if you did an upgrade style install, you should be able to uninstall via Programs and Features type option in the Control Panel.

    *Moved to Offtopic*
  3. If you mean uninstall it like you would uninstall a program (through Control Panel > Uninstall a program), then it is not on the list there, so I don't see a way to get rid of it. I saw a video on how to do it, but that doesn't seem to be working for me. I also saw a good way of doing, but that includes having your Windows OS DVD, which I don't have.
  4. grr I just found out that the only way to do this, except for waiting until the full release of Windows 8 comes out, is to restore my computer to its factory settings. >:/
  5. so he dosent feel left out... lets all mess our computers up!

    seriously though, did you make a back up? if so, restore to back up.
  6. I did do a backup, but it's a really old one, so I'd be better off starting off from the beginning.
    But I won't be doing that until the weekend, just in case any of you miss me :p
  7. :( :evil: I can't reset my computer, so does anyone know if minecraft works on Ubuntu 11.10?
  8. It does but you need a different method of installation.
  9. Do explain...
  10. It's all on minecraft.net
  11. hmm, I'll see if I understand any of the language they use their :p.

    If not, I might have to do the unthinkable... not play it D:
  12. I don't understand about 99% of what I have to do, I downloaded the .jar file, just like on Windows, then I gave it permission to open and executable file, then I opened it, and nothing happened. I looked at about 30 youtube videos, but I understood none of them.

    If anyone with an understanding of java (*coughs* 09jnewington *coughs*), please could they help? I really wanna play this game again, and I didn't even get to say goodbye :p
  13. Did you try the command prompt?

    java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame
  14. I'm saved! My dad got a Windows 7 disc from PCWorld (Funny thing is I didn't ask him to, nor did I tell him that minecraft doesn't work, w00t!) :D
  15. Good to see you back :)
  16. Ok I got it to work, but I can't sign in to Minecraft.net, is anyone else having this problem? (I'm just checking because of what happened lately). I can only play single player, and I can't even install mods anymore. >:/
  17. You don't need to sign in, just go to the sight and hit downloads.
  18. I have the game now, I can open it, but I can't download mods because I can't open the minecraft.desktop file with archive manager (or squeeze), and I can't play multiplayer because when the launcher comes up, and I sign in, it says it cannot connect to minecraft.net. :(
  19. Are you still on Ubuntu? I could possibly help you then, as I've made that my primary system.
  20. my saviour!!! What do I do to go on multiplayer? :-D