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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ViperX07, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. If anyone here has done a lot of online gaming they should be familiar with what IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is. Basically, what it allows for is simple, quick paced communication for community members in an unobtrusive package, i.e. you can leave your client alone while you are not in-game/afk while retaining superior text communication as opposed to TS's chat device (the service is designed for voice chat, i.e. the GUI sucks, just my opinion). One can "idle" while they have other tasks at hand and still retain contact. Creating a server channel is a very easy process, and good stand alone clients as well as web-apps are available for free use on all major OS's (Linux, Mac, Windows etc.)

    What do people think? I personally would like an alternative to TS3 (I have my reasons :p) for outside of game chat.
  2. I completely agree. For reasons which I will not state (in order to stay on topic), I do not like TS. I never have.

    IRC is something quite easy, and I agree with everything you have said on it.
  3. For the reasons, probably the same as Mcon, I really like this idea!
  4. Eh, the px-e.net server isn't being kind to me. I personally use Colloquy (a stand alone IRC channel, I'll be having none of the mibbit nonsense :p) and would like to add it to my auto-joins. Gamesurge/freenode are perfectly fine alternatives if anyone else has these problems.
  5. The link is intended for those who know nothing about getting around with an IRC channel. You are more than welcome to connect to it via whatever IRC client you wish. I would assume given the actual server and channel info (not irc.px-e.net), you would be able to do this yourself. Also, the link in the IRC post is there to help with generating some cash for future community maintenance and upgrades, because things aren't always 100% free!
  6. I seem to be having a problem with the link taking me to mibbit. It was working fine for me yesterday night, but today, when I click on the link, it brings me to a site which has two main blurbs, one saying, "What is adfly", and one saying "Why choose adfly?"

    It also has a place to login, but no longer is it the page where I was redirected after a few seconds.

    I tried going to mibbit directly, and searching the channels for #pxe. When I did that yesterday, it would give me PXE's channel, but not today. Today, it comes up with no results. Any clue what happened?

    Also, Shnaffle said he could connect when I talked to him earlier in game.
  7. It looks like DNS isn't working properly for the redirect.... uno momento.

    Edit: The redirect should work now.
  8. I personally am not getting redirected, but that could just be me. Here is the site to which I am sent.


    I can, however, get to the channel now, by way of searching for it on mibbit.

  9. Ah, that link worked. Hmm, wonder why the other didn't? It seems to be the same link...
  10. Great! Now if only there were a few more people on :p
  11. why cant you just use MC chat?
  12. Who asked you?
  13. Maybe to chat in realtime without having to log into Minecraft.
  14. shall I remove my comment?

    sorry, I just wantedto help