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ISS+Shuttle Replica Challange

Discussion in 'Kerbal Space Program' started by auhjos, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. To help create less KSP associated spam I decided that we should set each other challenges on KSP rather than rambling on about everything we've done. Here is both an example of what we could do and an actual challenge for all of you Kerbals out there. The challenge here is a two in one. There's the first part which is to create an ISS replica and the other for some kind of space shuttle. Here are the points you can get:

    SPACE STATION SECTION (Must stay within a km of predicted orbit. ie: I aim for 100km so the lowest it can be is 100,001m and highest is 100,999m)
    5 - Build a core space module (Must have at least 4 crew, 2 solar panels, be lit and have 2 docking ports)
    10 - Add a solar module to the station (Must have at least 4 panels and an electrical storage of 1,000 units)
    15 - Build a science module to the station (Must have all the measuring equipment)
    15(each) - Build an RCS and a fuel storage area (Minimum size is the Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank/ FL-R1 RCS Fuel Tank)
    15 - Build a crew habitation module (Must house at least 6 crew)
    20 - Have it orbit at 255km
    Each module can be given more than one purpose but no more than two to prevent someone from launching a mega station right off the bat.

    SPACE SHUTTLE SECTION (everything must be dock-able to the station)
    5 - Build a re-useable space vehicle (Doesn't have to land like a plane, just make the final stage 100% reusable and safe)
    10 - Build a re-useable craft that launches like a rocket but lands like a plane
    15 - Build a re-useable craft that launches like a plane and lands like a plane
    20 - Build a re-useable craft that launches like a plane and lands like a rocket <--- Jeb would be proud...

    From what I have already I would earn 15 points from the space shuttle (5+10) and 45 points (5+10+15+15) from the station giving me 60 points .
    Be sure to upload pics as proof! Good luck guys!
  2. Challenge Accepted